The Civil Servant

Civil servant
The civil servant
The "Amtmann" in Lübeck is really a merchant with cloak and spurs.
The merchant with spurs

The image of the "Amtmann" actually represents a merchant. He wears spurs on the heels of his boots for long travels and a cloak for protection against rain and sleet. In the background is a fleet of trade ships.

See the pages about Jacob von Melle and Wilhelm Mantels for details.

Ludewig SuhlThomas Nugent

    der Tod
Du zeigest nach Gebrauch ein saures Amtsgesicht,
Iedoch was acht ich das? ich bin kein Bauer nicht,
Muß dieser schon dein Amt ganz tief gebücket ehren,
So ruf ich: Amtmann fort! du must den Reihen mehren.

    XXXIV. Death to the Steward.
Thou lookest sour, what care I ?
I know you cannot from me fly ;
Your office, friend, I value not,
Nor for it care a single jot.
Make haste, man ; nay, don't be untoward,
My message, sir, is for the steward.


    Der Amtmann
Den Bauern schaft ich Recht, den Obern war ich treu,
So blieb mein Wandel rein, und mein Gewissen frey,
Nun merk ich, daß der Tod die Tugend wenig schätzt,
Er ruffet: fort mit dir! man hat dich abgesetzt.

    XXXV. The Steward's answer.
I tenderly consider'd peasants,
To poor was ever making presents
Of this or that I could afford,
Yet ever just unto my lord.
Then why am I of Death afraid,
Or wish that he had longer stay'd ?