The Translator's Words

Final words from the translator.
Clerk & hermit

Lenvoye de translatoure

O ȝe my lordes / and maistres al in fere
Of a-venture / that shal this daunce [r]ede
Loweli I preye / with al myn herte entere
To correcte / where as ȝe see nede
For nowght elles / I aske for my mede
But godeli supporte / of this translacioun
And with fauowre / to soupewaile drede
Benyngneli / in ȝowre correccioun.
al in fere: all together

mede: reward

Owte of the frensshe / I drowe hit of entent
Not worde be worde / but folwyng the substaunce
And fro Paris / to Inglond hit sent
Oneli of purpose / ȝow to do plesaunce
Rude of langage / y was not borne yn fraunce
Haue me excused / my name is Jon Lidgate
Of her tunge / I haue no suffisaunce
Her corious metris / In Inglissh to translate.

her: their