Anne-Marie and Jacques Yvon, 1977

The connetable. Colour lithography by Rhigas
Yvon, Connetable
The authority. Colour facsimile
Yvon, Authority

"La Danse macabre des femmes Suivie de La Danse nouvelle des hommes Augmentée du Dit des trois morts et des trois vifs Du Débat d'un corps et d'une âme Et de la Complainte d'une âme damnée" is a richly illustrated two-volume work from 1977 by Anne-Marie Yvon (1926-1987) and Jacques-Paul-Sosthène Yvon (1923-1983).

Volume two is a reprint of Guy Marchant's 1486-version of the men's dance and the 1491-version of the women's dance together with all the other texts that were incuded in these two books, such as the legend of the three living and the three dead.

The women's dance is a sumptuous reproduction of the coloured exemplar that the Franch national library have later uploaded to their homepage (RES-YE-86 and 87). A similar coloured copy has been used for the men's dance (picture to the right).

The physician. Modern French translation illustrated by Rhigas.
Yvon, Physician
The sergeant. Modern French translation illustrated by Rhigas.
Yvon, Sergeant

Volume one is a translation into modern French of all the texts: colophon, dances of death, Latin texts, ballads, the three living and the three dead, etc.

This translation has been illustrated by the Greek artist Rhigas. Rhigas has also created a number of colour lithographs (picture at the top left), but the exact number of colour lithographs and signed drawings vary between the different editions of the work.

The modern adaption is faithful in that it often uses a different word with the same meaning. The text is then a good introduction for those who are familiar with modern French. However, a close comparison of the texts reveals a surprisingly high number of deaviations.


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