Ms. Germ. Fol. 19, Berlin

Ars moriendi
Berlin 19 216r
Berlin 19 227v

Like most of the books in this section, the Mgf 19 is an anthology of several texts. The greatest part by far, the first 431 pages, are taken up by "Die Vierundzwanzig Alten", and after this comes a short chapter about "ars moriendi", the art of dying well.

This chapter starts with a drawing (picture to the left), and we are told twice that the scribe was named Johannes Maiger from Werdenberg, who wrote the text in 1448.

After "ars moriendi" comes the dance of death, and the dance is followed by a drawing of a preacher (picture to the right). It is tempting to assume that this was meant to portray "the second preacher", who finishes the dance of death, but the truth is probably, that the drawing belongs to the text that follows: "Von einem christlichen Leben".

As these drawings show, this book was produced with great care, but it is precisely in the chapter with the dance of death that the scribe has shown the least attention:

The text has been transcribed here: Mgf 19, Berlin.

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