Mors de la Pomme, Hellmouth

Mors de la Pomme, Hellmouth

We have now come to the sad conclusion: The man who does not cry is not wise ("L'omme qui ne crient, n'est pas sage").

The author "who does not name himself" hopes his readers will pray for him.

Please all of you pray to God
for the author who does not name himself.
And you must not forget
428 the story of the bite of the apple.

All there is left to notice is that if the author does not name himself, he could not have given his name to a book named "Chorea Joannis Macabri" or a cloister named Macabré in Amiens.


Pour finale conclusion
Lomme qui ne crient nest pas sage
Le monde est plain dabusion
424 Ce nest que vng doloureux passage

Plaise vous tous a dieu prier
Pour lacteur qui point ne se nomme
Et ne vueilliez pas oublier
428 Listoire du mors de la pomme

At the end, the manuscript has a line or two more, which has been erased.

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