Mors de la Pomme, Pope

Mors de la Pomme, Pope
Holbein: Pope
Holbein Proofs, Pope

The Pope is the scene most reminiscent of Holbein's Great Dance of Death. Death enters the hall and attacks the pope, who is sitting on his throne surrounded by cardinals and bishops.

On the other hand, the little devils crawling around on Holbein's woodcut are missing, but this applies in general to "Mors de la Pomme": It is devoid of satire, irony and social criticism.


Holy Father, I come to summon you
to come personally.
You shall recite before God
300 in particular judgment.

The Pope must die like everyone else and go to the particulier jugement.

    The Pope

Alas! But there is it not delay nor excuse
against this summons.
It's necessary to go in person,
304 a proxy will avail nothing.


    La mort

Pere saint je vous viens citer
Pour venir personnelement
Deuant dieu vous fais reciter
300 En particulier jugement
Reuela domino vitam tuam & spera in eo

    Le pape

Las! or nest il delay ne ensonne
Contre ceste citation
Aler y conuient en personne
304 Riens ny vault procuration
Custodi animam meam quoniam ego

    Le cardinal

Sans fraper de pie ne de main
Mort separe le corps de lame
Tel est huy joieux qui demain
308 Sera mort dessoubz vne lame
Quoniam ipse dixit et facta sunt ipse mandauit & creata sunt