Mors de la Pomme, Child

Mors de la Pomme, Child

The next victim is the child. The mother seems a bit skeptical, but Death shows her the authorization, Death's mandate, written on parchment and sealed by God. "I've got my credentials and you can see them".


To show that God has power
over the great and the small,
this child will die in infancy.
224 [God] is able to take as he pleases.

Instead of talking to Death, the child tries to comfort his mother. Children who die early are without sin, except for the original sin.

Here is another example of an "equivocal rhyme", where a word has two meanings: "la monde" = "the world", "mondé" (from the verb "monder") = "purified".

    The child

Mother don't cry because I'm leaving.
I have hardly been in the world.
Freed with joy I go,
228 when I am purified from mortal sin.

This is not an unusual thought. In Der Doten Dantz mit Figuren, Death says to the child: »The world might have deceived you / [so] it's better that you die in the cradle«.


    La mort

Pour monstrer que dieu a puissance
Sur les grans et sur les petis
Cest enfant morra en enfance
224 Prendre en puet a son appetis
Fiat uia eius in interitum


Mere ne plourez se men vois
Je nay gueres este au monde
A joye deliure men vois
228 Quant de pechie mortel suys monde
Non moriar sed viuam et narrabo opera domini

    La mere

Helas! mon enfant voy morir
Qui tant est belle creature
Las! or ne le puis secourir
232 Mort est plus forte que nature
Qui percussit gentes multas et occidit reges fortes