Mors de la Pomme, Old man

Old man
Mors de la Pomme, Old man

Third victim and third arrow is the old man, who is struck by the Arrow of Ashes:


Man, who has received too high an age:
Both your parents are dead.
My dart of ashes will not create
176 an outrage if it passes through him.

By now it should be apparent that this "danse" does not follow the normal hierarchy of a traditional dance of death. Such a dance would start with the mightiest men: Pope and emperor, and would meander its way down through the social classes of society. The maid and the old man would come at the end, not belonging to any particular class.

The scheme in this book, if indeed there is any, is harder to figure out. The author has evidently found it pertinent to introduce us to the three arrows, before returning to the frame story of The Bible and sin.

Old man

    La mort

Homs qui vescu auez oultre eage
De tous voz parens trespassez
Mon dard de cendre nul oultrage
176 Ne fera se par luy passez
Qui redimet viam de interitu


Mon corps est vieil foible et vse
Mais tousiours a viure contens
Ne scay se je suys abuse
180 De morir ne suys pas contens
Quoniam defecit in dolore vita mea et anni mei in gemitibus

    La meschine

Plus vit li homs plus crient sa mort
Et de tant plus son fais aggrieue
Sages est qui jeune samort
184 De penser que sa fin est brieue
Utinam saperent et intelligerent ac nouissima prouiderent