Mors de la Pomme, Virgin

Mors de la Pomme, Maid

The next victim is the young virgin, who is struck by the Arrow of Fire:


I will put a spark
by my dart, which is full of fire,
straight to the heart of this virgin.
164 There was never such pain.

Here we also begin to sense the format: Each episode has three verses: Death, the victim and a witness who sums up the moral of this episode.

    The Virgin

I can well accept
that God wants to send me [away].
The person has no knowledge,
168 who will go astray because of Death.

In this case, the witness is the woman to the right (you may take a look at the format in the original manuscript):

    The Woman

God, what pain and what a loss!
It seems to me to be very harsh
that a woman alive and alert
172 [must] die in her strength and vigor.


    La mort

Je metteray vne estincelle
De mon dard qui est plain de feu
Droit au cuer de ceste pucelle
164 Oncques autel douleur ny fu
Sagitte potentis acute

    La pucelle

Je prendray bien en patience
Ce que dieu me vuelt envoier
La personne na pas science
168 Qui pour mort se vuelt desuoier
Quis est homo qui viuet et cupit dies videre bonos

    La femme

Dieu quel ennuy et quele perte
Ce me samble estre grant rigueur
Dune femme viue et aperte
172 Mourir en sa force et vigueur
Quoniam tribulatio proxima est atque ventura ira