Carlos V's book of hours, The Women

Empress and abbess
Empress and abbess

After the three living and the three dead and the men it's time for the women. As shown by the picture to the right, there are two dancers per page.

The dance starts with a small sermon which is either the conclusion of the men's dance or an introduction to the women's.

The dance itself is far shorter than the 32-36 dancing couples that normally appear in the women's Danse Macabre, and it must be characterized as a selection.

There are an abbess and a prioress, even though these two characters don't appear in any of the old manuscripts, and made their first appearance in the printed books from 1486 and later. The baroness is presumably the same as the knight's wife in la Danse Macabre, since the baron in the men's dance replaces the knight. There is also a "penitent woman", who is not found in the Danse Macabre.

The texts are very short — often just a single line — and has nothing to do with La Danse Macabre.

Transcription by Mischa von Perger

Carlos V, Epilogue

poures gens mondains
qui estez tant vains
ceur plus deur que ace
soiez tous certains
que tous pour le moins
ainsy da<n>ceres
donc co<n>sideres
comment vous viurez
le temps auenir
affin quant serez
au passage amer
ne soyer pugnir

Carlos V, Empress
Carlos V, Abbess

venez aduant dame emperiere
< … >

madame labesse
pas ne vous delesse

Carlos V, Queen
Carlos V, Prioress

pouure royne vous estez morte
< … >

dame la prieure
venez tout en leure

Carlos V, Duchess
Clara sister
Carlos V, Clare

duchesse venez a la feste
< … >

vous qui estez de sainte clere
dancerez per bonne maniere

Carlos V, Baroness
Carlos V, Maid

baronne venez en aduant
< … >

belle vierge honneste
venez a la feste.

Carlos V, Noblewoman
Carlos V, Widow

gentille fame ne vous desplaise
< … >

venez aduant ma poure vefue
< … >

Darling wife
Carlos V, Darling wife
Penitent woman
Carlos V, Penitent woman

mignone bourgoyse
suiuez moy sans

pouure penitante
pas ne demourez Ie menuente

Merchant's wife
Carlos V, Merchant's wife
Peasant's wife
Carlos V, Peasant woman

suz venez marchande
que Ie ne vous change

fame de village :
estez vous sauuage

Carlos V, Authority

< … >
< … >

Transcription by Mischa von Perger

The rest of this section will concentrate on the printed dances of death, particularly those by Simon Vostre (those that are to be found to the left on every page on the present site).

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