Lübeck: The young woman

The young woman
The young woman

The young woman

Des Reiges were ik onich gherne
Ik junghe schone Derne,
Ik merke der Werlde Lust,
Van diner Kumpst nicht gewust.
Nu kumpstu snel, unde mi vorverst,
Ik wuste nicht, hir werst.
Were ik ene Kloster Vrowe worden,
So trede ik vro in dinen Orden.

I would rather be without this (chain)dance
I young beautiful girl.
I feel the temptations of the world.
I did not know of your arrival.
Now you're coming quickly and terrify me.
I didn't know, you were here.
Had I become a nun
then I would gladly step into your order.

Here ends the text that Jacob von Melle was able to read in 1701.

After the lament of the maid, von Melle writes: »Anno Domini MCCCCLXIII in vigilia Assumcionis Marie«, which means the evening before the day of Mary's Ascension, 14th August 1463.

The red area shows the location in the chapel in Lübeck
Lübeck from the west side; click to see the entire picture.
Lübeck from the west side

Notice, that now one can see Lübeck from the west side behind the maiden.

The maid by Milde.
Milde, Maid
The maid by Suhl.
Suhl, Maid

For the longest time I thought the maid wore a long stick on the head with some sort of red pompon at the end (picture to the left). Ludewig Suhl shows clearly that the hair is adorned by some sort of feather, which in no way touches the false sleeve that Death is holding up. As the picture shows, false sleeves (German: Zierärmel / Scheinärmel) can be quite long and attached to the back.

On the other hand, Suhl forgets to draw Death's arm, so the false sleeve is hanging suspended in the air for no obvious reason.