Copenhagen's Dance of Death, Part 13

Death with scythe

Io mere du haffde i verden here
diss ydmygere skulle du for huer mand vere
Du skulle den hellige Kircke opstøde(1)
ieg men du haffuer henne moxen lagd øde
Din store missbrug och falske fund
kand dig icke hielpe i denne stund

Kom nu strax ath følge mig
Til fremmede land da følger ieg dig

The Cardinal

Flower Cardinalen Suarer

Deus meus benaade mig
Thi ieg haffuer aldrig ræt dyrcket dig

The more you had in the world here
the humbler you should be before every man.
You should have supported(1) the Holy Church,
methinks you have almost destroyed her.
Your great abuse and false fabrications
cannot help you in this hour.

Come now immediately to follow me
Then I'll follow you to strange countries.

The Cardinal answers

Deus meus have mercy on me
because I have never worshiped you properly.

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Footnotes: (1)

opstøde / support . . .: in Dødedantz it says "føde" (i.e. nourish).