Copenhagen's Dance of Death, Part 11

FlowerDeath to the king.

High and mighty prince, powerful and rich
step over here, you shall become like me.
God's word should you always advance
justice and mercy not forget.
Have you done that, then be glad now.
You shall now to another city.(1)
It doesn't help you to resist.
You must immediately go hence with me.

FlowerThe Kings answers.

Oho, all the physicians that are in our kingdom
let all of them come here.
Send me also a master wise
who has studied in a medical book
because Death is beginning to torment me much.
I think I won't get many more days.
I would like him to postpone it
until I had my things in order.
Were my soul free from sin
then I would bravely walk in this war.
Now death stings me so terribly
I cannot avoid him now.
O God, mightiest, for the sake of your mercy

Help me now out of this peril

FlowerDeath answers.

To speak of healing is no good
I will twist(2) you down into my castle

The king

FlowerDeath to the duke.

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Her begynnes then Danske krønnicke …, 1533
Mohnkopf, Chronicle
Ordinatio Ecclesiastica Regnorum…, 1537
Mohnkopf, Ordinatio Ecclesiastica

The woodcut of the king was also used for the books »Her begynnes then Danske krønnicke wel offwerseet oc corrigeret […]« (i.e.: "here begins the Danish chronicle, well supervised and corrected") printed by "hans Wingartner", 1533, and »Ordinatio Ecclesiastica Regnorum Daniæ et Norvegiæ […]«, 1537.

Footnotes: (1) (2)

. . . another city . . .: This might be a reference to Hebrews 13:14, "For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come".
twist . . .: Actually the correct word is "screw" but that doesn't sound right in today's English. (8=