The Gamblers

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Holbein's dance of death, the gamblers.
Holbein, The gamblers
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Death and a devil are fighting over the gamblers. It seems to me that Death is trying to blow out the candle - whereas the devil is throwing flames to light the candle.

In Holbein's great dance of death (to the left) Death is pushing the devil away - while the gambler to the right collects all the coins in the pool.

The accompanying text goes: »We üch die morgen vff stondt nach zufolgen der trunckenheit / vnd zu drincken biß zu dem obent / das ir von dem wyn dempffen.«.

This is from Isaiah 5,11 which in Luther's version sounds: »Weh denen, die des Morgens früh auf sind, dem Saufen nachzugehen, und sitzen bis in die Nacht, daß sie der Wein erhitzt«. In English: »Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them!«

Isaiah is always good for a few fire-and-brimstone quotes, but in this particular place the prophet should be taken with a grain of salt: He starts chapter 5 by praising his friend who - in spite of his great work - got sour grapes in his vineyard. So wine is okay - within measure.

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