The Knight

Holbein Proofs, Knight
Hans Wechtlin, Knight with feathers
Hans Wechtlin, Knight with feathers

Silver plate T he knight has an outrageously large plumage on his head. Maybe that's what prevents him from seeing Death attacking him from behind.

The feathers may seem exaggerated with modern eyes, but they are far from unusual. The picture to the left by Hans Wechtlin is from 1501-1526, i.e. a little older than Holbein's dance of death. Wechtlin's knight is no less feathered than Holbein's knight.

Holbein's knight has also been made as a silver plate in the 1600's (picture to the right).

Variations: In Birckmann's version, the knight stands with both feet on the ground and holds the sword with both hands. Valvasor and Deuchar copy Birckmann.

Various Artists

Holbein Proofs (1526)
Holbein Proofs 1526: Knight
Holbein (1538)
Holbein 1538: Knight
Vogtherr (1544)
Vogtherr 1544: Knight
Birckmann (1555)
Birckmann 1555: Knight
Wagner (1557)
Wagner 1557: Knight
Scharffenberg (1576)
Scharffenberg 1576: Knight
Straub (1581)
Straub 1581: Knight
Chytraeus (1590)
Chytraeus 1590: Knight
Rubens (1590)
Rubens 1590: Knight
Glissenti (1596)
Glissenti 1596: Knight
Donaueschingen (1600)
Donaueschingen 1600: Knight
Kieser (1617)
Kieser 1617: Knight
Manni (1675)
Manni 1675: Knight
Valvasor (1682)
Valvasor 1682: Knight
Mechel (1780)
Mechel 1780: Knight
Deuchar (1788)
Deuchar 1788: Knight
Bewick (1789)
Bewick 1789: Knight
Anderson (1810)
Anderson 1810: Knight
Bechstein (1831)
Bechstein 1831: Knight
Schlotthauer (1832)
Schlotthauer 1832: Knight
Douce (1833)
Douce 1833: Knight
Curmer (1858)
Curmer 1858: Knight
Deuchar (1887)
Deuchar 1887: Knight