The Rich Man / The Miser

Rich man
Holbein Proofs, Usurer
Groß-Basel, the Miser on the field.
Gross-Basel, the Miser
Haselbach, the Miser
Haselbach, the Miser

T he miser seems to be more agitated over losing his money, than over being visited by Death. The hourglass has been set in front of him, and his candle has burned down.

Here, Holbein distinctly breaks with the old tradition: In the dance of death in Basel, the miser also sits behind a table. However, the blades of grass and the clods of earth show clearly that the scene takes place outdoor - together with the other dancers. In Holbein's version, the miser has moved indoor, but thick walls and double bars cannot keep this thief out.

Holbein's woodcut has inspired the dance of death in the chapel in Haselbach (picture to the right).

Variations: Birckmann has placed the hourglass in the recess on the wall. The recess is made taller. Valvasor, Hollar and Deuchar copy Birckmann.
Birckmann also designs a hole in the floor (copied by Valvasor and Hollar) — maybe Death has dug his way up?

Various Artists

Holbein Proofs (1526)
Holbein Proofs 1526: Usurer
Holbein (1538)
Holbein 1538: Rich man
Vogtherr (1544)
Vogtherr 1544: Rich man
Birckmann (1555)
Birckmann 1555: Rich man
Juan de Icíar (1555)
Juan de Icíar 1555: Rich man
Wagner (1557)
Wagner 1557: Rich man
Scharffenberg (1576)
Scharffenberg 1576: Rich man
Straub (1581)
Straub 1581: Rich man
Chytraeus (1590)
Chytraeus 1590: Rich man
Glissenti (1596)
Glissenti 1596: Rich man
Donaueschingen (1600)
Donaueschingen 1600: Usurer
Kieser (1617)
Kieser 1617: Rich man
Hollar (1651)
Hollar 1651: Rich man
Thomas Neale (1657)
Thomas Neale 1657: Usurer
Manni (1675)
Manni 1675: Usurer
Valvasor (1682)
Valvasor 1682: Rich man
Mechel (1780)
Mechel 1780: Rich man
Deuchar (1788)
Deuchar 1788: Rich man
Bewick (1789)
Bewick 1789: Rich man
Anderson (1810)
Anderson 1810: Rich man
Hollar (colour) (1816)
Hollar (colour) 1816: Rich man
Bechstein (1831)
Bechstein 1831: Rich man
Schlotthauer (1832)
Schlotthauer 1832: Rich man
Douce (1833)
Douce 1833: Rich man
Mixtur (1843)
Mixtur 1843: Mixtur
Wallander (1850)
Wallander 1850: Den sista färden
Curmer (1858)
Curmer 1858: Rich man
Douce reprint (1858)
Douce reprint 1858: Usurer
Deuchar (1887)
Deuchar 1887: Rich man
Thy Grief (2022)
Thy Grief 2022: Usurer
Thy Grief (2022)
Thy Grief 2022: Usurer