The Advocate

Holbein Proofs, Lawyer
Dance of death in Chur
Dance of death in Chur

Generous Death A rich customer pays the advocate's in hard cash, while a poor man (the rich man's opponent?) stands at the side, wringing his hands.

Death generously drops a few coins into the hand of the advocate (picture to the left), but at the same time points out that the sands of time are about to run out.

Holbein's dance of death has also inspired the dance of death in Chur in Switzerland - see picture to the right.

Mirror image of HVE H einrich Vogtherr has included his cutter's mark — a laterally reversed HVE (Heinrich Vogtherr Elterer) — in the lower, right corner. Click here for a super-sized image of Vogtherr's advocate.

Variations: Birckmann lets the advocate rest his cane on his shoulder instead of waving it around; the advocate stands on a stone plate; the buildings in the background are altered and one of them is encircled by birds. Hollar and Deuchar imitates Birckmann.

Various Artists

Holbein Proofs (1526)
Holbein Proofs 1526: Lawyer
Holbein (1538)
Holbein 1538: Lawyer
Vogtherr (1544)
Vogtherr 1544: Lawyer
Vogtherr (1544)
Vogtherr 1544: Lawyer
Birckmann (1555)
Birckmann 1555: Lawyer
Juan de Icíar (1555)
Juan de Icíar 1555: Lawyer
Straub (1581)
Straub 1581: Lawyer
Chytraeus (1590)
Chytraeus 1590: Lawyer
Glissenti (1596)
Glissenti 1596: Lawyer
Donaueschingen (1600)
Donaueschingen 1600: Lawyer
Kieser (1617)
Kieser 1617: Lawyer
Hollar (1651)
Hollar 1651: Lawyer
Thomas Neale (1657)
Thomas Neale 1657: Lawyer
Valvasor (1682)
Valvasor 1682: Lawyer
Mechel (1780)
Mechel 1780: Lawyer
Deuchar (1788)
Deuchar 1788: Lawyer
Bewick (1789)
Bewick 1789: Lawyer
Anderson (1810)
Anderson 1810: Lawyer
Hollar (colour) (1816)
Hollar (colour) 1816: Lawyer
Bechstein (1831)
Bechstein 1831: Lawyer
Schlotthauer (1832)
Schlotthauer 1832: Lawyer
Douce (1833)
Douce 1833: Lawyer
Curmer (1858)
Curmer 1858: Lawyer