The Mother
Heidelberg's block book, Mother

Death to the Mother

Nw sweiget vnd lot ewir krigen
Loft dem kinde noch mit der wygen
Ir must alle beyde an desen tancz
Fraw lacht zo wirt der schympf gancz

Be quiet now, and cease your quarrel.
Run after the child with the cradle,
the both of you must to the dance.
Madam, laugh! Then the jest becomes complete.

O kind ich wold dich haben irlost
Nw ist empfallen mir der trost
Der tod hot das vorkomen
Vnd mich mit dir genomen

Oh child, I would have saved you.
Now I have lost my consolation,
Death has forestalled it
and taken me along with you.

This book exchanges the sequence of mother and child. However, her speech: Oh child, I would have saved you is clearly an answer to the child's accusation: How can you leave me now?. Death also tells her to Run after the child with the cradle.