The Beggar
Heidelberg's block book, Beggar / Cripple

Death to The Beggar

Hynke her an myt deyner krucken
Deyn ding das wil sich gelucken
Dich haben die lebenden nicht vor gut
Der tot dir besundern gnade tut

Hobble over here with your crutches;
Your things will succeed now.
The living [people] don't like you;
Death will show you special mercy.

Eyn armer geiler hie ym leben
Czu eynem frunde yst nymande eben
Abir der tot wil seyn frund seyn
Her nympt den armen mit dem reichen hyn

A poor beggar here in life;
No one at all is a friend,
but Death will be his friend.
He takes the poor away along with the rich.

This book moves the cripple behind the cook and the peasant.

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