The Peasant
Heidelberg's block book, Peasant

Death to The Peasant

Pewrlyn mit deynen schuen grob
Rawsche her du must irwerben lob
An dezem tancze do hyndin
Do wil der tot dich fynden

Little peasant with your coarse shoes;
Hurry here, you must obtain praise.
At the end of this dance;
there will Death find you.(1)

Ich habe gehabt [vil arbeit gross]
Der sweis mir du[rch die haut floss]
Noch wolde ich ger[n dem tod empfliehen]
Zo habe ich des glu[cks nit hie]

I have had much hard work,
the sweat was flowing through my skin.
Still, I would like to flee Death;
in this I have no luck here.

Footnotes: (1)

there will Death find you . . .: This would indicate that the cadaver is not Death himself. See Death's Dance, or Line of the Dead.