The Cook
Heidelberg's block book, Cook

Death to The Cook

Koch du kanst gute pfeffirlyn machen
Hoppe off ich wil dich besachen
Dy do vorne an dem reyen sleichen
Den saltu pfeffirlyn ÿn streichen

Cook, you can make good pepper sauce.
Jump up, I'll advice you:
Those, who are sneaking at the front of the dance,
those should you smear pepper sauce on.

[Ich h]abe irlert vil pfeffirsecke
[Vnd g]emacht manch suße gelecke
[Vnd] kud ich des kostlyns nye fynden
[Do] methe ich den tot möchte obirwynden

I have emptied many sacks of pepper
and made many sweet goodies;
and I can't find any delicacies
with which I might defeat Death.

It may sound a tad burlesque that the cook is told to smear pepper sauce on those "who are sneaking at the front of the dance (or row)", but in Kleinbasel the cook was told to smear the women in sauce: »Die frawen an den Wegen schlichen« (= "the women, who are sneaking by the roads").

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