The Noblewoman
Heidelberg's block book, Noblewoman

Death to The Noblewoman

Edil frawe tanczt noch ewrem synne
Bas dy pfeyfe rechte don gewynne
Sy hot der frawen vor vil betrogen
Die allir der tod hot hyn geczogen

Noblewoman, dance as you please
until the fife gets the right tone.
It has deceived women before a lot,
all of whom Death has dragged away.

Ich solde treyben iuchczens vil
Sehe ich vor mir der freuden spil
Des todis pfeyfe mich betreuget
Der tanczgesang hie felschlichen leuget

I ought to shout with joy a lot
[when] I see before me this happy play.
Death's fife deceives me;
the dance song, it lies falsely.

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