The Lawyer
Heidelberg's block book, abbot

Death to The Lawyer

Das ortil yst alzo gegeben
Das ir lenger nicht sullet leben
Her iurist das tut des todis craft
Mogit ir zo beweist ewr meisterschaft

The sentence is given thus
that you shall not live any longer,
Mr. Lawyer, such does the power of Death.
If you can, then prove your mastery.

Keyn appelliren czu deszir czeit
Hilft vor todis harten streyth
Her obirwint myt seynem geslecht
Das geistliche vnd das wertliche recht

No appealing at this time
helps against Death's hard dispute.
He defeats - with his kin -
the ecclesiastical and the worldly law.

In Basel the dialogue has been altered so what is here the answer of the lawyer, becomes the speech of Death.