The Duke
Heidelberg's block book, Duke

Death to The Duke

Habit ir mit frawen ye hoch gesprungen
Stolczer herczog adir wol gesungen
Das must ir an dezem reyen bussen
Wol her lot euch die toten grussen

Have you once jumped(1) high with women,
proud Duke, or sung well?
You must atone for that in this dance.
Well then, let the dead greet you.

Ich habe die edlen hirren werth
Alz eyn herczog geregiret mit dem swerth
Nu byn ich yn leynen cleydern glancz
Betwungen an des todis tancz

I have governed the worthy noblemen
as a duke with the sword.
Now I am - in the splendour of linen clothes -
forced to the dance of death.

This book exchanges the sequence of bishop and duke.

Footnotes: (1)

jumped . . .: The German word "springen" can mean jump, dance and run hastily. On this site I normally translate it as "dance", but that won't do in this context.