The Patriarch
Heidelberg's dance of death, Patriarch

Death to The Patriarch

Her patriarch, nw lod euch syngen
Ir must mit mir den reyen springen
Das czwefache crewcze loth fallen
Der tod wil mit euch schallen
Mr. Patriarch,(1) now let [me] sing for you.
You must dance with me in the row.
Let the double cross fall;
Death will cheer with you.
Ich habe das czwefache crewcze getragen
Als eyn patriarch bey meynen tagen
Nw wil mich der tod twingen
Mit seynen geseln czu springen
I have carried the double cross
as a patriarch in my days.
Now Death will force me
to dance with his fellows.

Footnotes: (1)

Patriarch. . . the leader of an important church. The old church recognized 5 patriarchs in Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople and Jerusalem.

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