Lübeck's Dance of Death

Ludwig Heinrich Matthias Hauttmann (1829)

Hauttmann correctly shows two cadavers, one of which is playing the fiddle.
Hauttmann, three figures
Suhl incorrectly shows one cadaver playing the flute and two living.
Suhl, three figures

Hauttmann published his eight lithographs under the title. »Der Todtentanz in der sogenannten Todtenkapelle der St. Marienkirche zu Lübeck«.

Hauttmann assures us that he has studied the church-painting with great diligence, and this is probably true because he does not make the same deviations that Suhl makes. For instance Hauttmann has correctly portrayed the three little extra figures between the physician and the usurer as one living and two dead with one of the cadavers playing the fiddle, as opposed to Suhl who erroneously shows them as one cadaver playing the flute and two living.

Hauttmann also states that he doesn't know of any previous reproductions of the painting. This is a bit harder to believe. He must have copied the duke from Suhl since the duke had been removed from the painting 30 years ago in 1799. It was probably also from Suhl that Hauttmann got the idea of reproducing the dance as eight lithographs.

Hauttmann, part 1Hauttmann, part 2Hauttmann, part 3Hauttmann, part 4Hauttmann, part 5Hauttmann, part 6Hauttmann, part 7Hauttmann, part 8
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