Füssen, The witch

The witch
Hiebeler, Witch

Death to the witch

    der todt.
Hupff auf du hessigs kammelthier,
Im fewr muest du ietz schwitzen schier.
Dein gabel reitten hat ein endt,
Vom hewberg hol ich dich gar gschwendt.

Hop up, you hateful goat,(1)
In fire you must now sweat strongly.
Your fork-riding(2) has ended,
I quickly pick you up from Hewberg.(3)

The witch

    Die Vnholdt,
Gott selbst auch seine haÿlgen zwar,
Hab ich verlaugnet offenbar.
Mein glübt hab Ich dem teuffel thon
O weh o weh waß wiert mein lohn.

    the Fiend.
God himself [and] also his holy ones
I have publicly denied.
I made my vow to the devil.
Oh woe, oh woe, what will my wages be?

Witches brew
Hiebeler, Witches
A flying witch.
Hiebeler, Witch

The small detail picture on the left shows how the witches cook their brew in a pot, while one witch holds an oven fork. Presumably the cauldron contains a ointment that will enable the witches to fly.

The picture on the right shows the witch flying on a goat while holding the burning cauldron with the cooking fork,

Hans Baldung
Baldung, Heks

The flying witch consists of the same elements as the famous woodcut by Hans Baldung from 1510: A woman riding a flying goat, holding a burning pot at bay with an oven fork.

The headline has caused problems:

The chapel in Oberstdorf was called "Hexenkapelle" because of this scene. There were no witches in Basel's danse of death, but there is a witch in La Danse Macabre.

Footnotes: (1) (3) (3)

Kammelthier. . .: In older German, "camel-beast" was another word for camel. Reinhold Böhm believes Death is alluding to the witch's hunched back.

I find it more likely that Death is thinking of the angora goat, that gives "camel yarn".

There is a goat standing behind the witch.

Fork-ridning . . .: Witches are usually supposed to ride on brooms, but as the pictures show, the South German witches use cooking forks.

The witch herself holds a cooking fork in her hand.

Hewberg / Heuberg. . .: a local mountain where the witches meet. Just like they do on Brocken / Blocksberg in the Harz.