Füssen, The priest

The priest
Hiebeler, Priest

Death to the priest

    der todt.
Herr Pfarrer merckhtt auff euer lehr,
Kompt auch in meinen tantz hieher.
Ihr singt vnd sagt vil von dem todt,
Ihr muest erfaren auch die nott.

Mr. Pastor, pay attention to your teaching,
Come here too in my dance.
You sing and say a lot about Death;
You must also experience the need.

The priest

    der Pfarrer.
Ich hab gepredigt offt vnd vil,
Daß keiner hab kein gwiseß zil.
Daß werckh probiertt den maister fein,
Drum lauff ich auch in reÿen nein.

    the Priest.
I have preached often and much,
that no one has any definite end.
The work proves the master well,
That's why I too run into the dance.

Holbein, canon.
Holbein Alphabet, Holbein: L
An ossuary / Charnel house

The priest stands in front of an open grave with a shovel and a hoe, and behind is a coffin on a stretcher. He is in the process of conducting a funeral when he is interrupted by Death.

Death has a bucket of holy water and an aspergillum with which to sprinkle. Apparently Death comes in the form of the priest's servant, which is somewhat reminiscent of Holbein's priest and in particular his dance of death alphabet (picture to the left).

Behind the priest is an ossuary, Just as there is in the scene with the princess.