Füssen, The nobleman

The nobleman
Hiebeler, Nobleman

Death to the nobleman

    der todt.
O Junckher mitt dem knebelbartt,
Ewr rew habt ihr zu lang gespartt.
Ihr maintt es gang euch alleß hin,
Dantzt hehr mitt mir ist euer gwin.

Oh nobleman with your handlebar mustache
You have saved your repentance too long.
You thought it would all pass you by.
Dance with me here. [That] is your win.

The nobleman

    der Jun[c]kher
In diser weltt waß ich bekantt
Dar Zu ein Edelman genantt.
Nun bin ich von dem todt gefeltt
Vnnd hehr an disen tantz gesteltt.

    the Nobleman.
In this world I was [well] known,
and also called a nobleman.
Now I'm felled by Death,
and placed here in this dance.

Basel, The emperor with the gray beard
Büchel, Emperor
Basel, Count
Büchel, Count

Death's first two lines are from the emperor in Basel with the gray beard. The nobleman's reply is from the count in Basel.

Most unusually, another person appears in the dance. Maybe it's a servant with a goblet of wine? He holds up the cup in the same manner as Death holds up the hourglass.

The nobleman looks back longingly. He would rather have preferred the wine glass to the hourglass.