Füssen, The landlord

The landlord
Hiebeler, landlord

Death to the landlord

    [der todt]
Kunst hast abglernet Christo fein
Aus wasser hast du gmacht offt wein.
An einer maß zweÿ kreützer gwin,
Ist gar zu vil tantz hehr muest hin.

You've learned the art well from Christ.
You often made wine out of water.
For one measure [wine] you gained two Kreützers.
That's far too much. Dance forth, you must go.

The landlord

    der würdt
Ich het zwar offt vil seltzam gest,
Ietz kompt der todt und ist der lest
Mit dem ich mir(1) abrechnen mueß,
Für zech gibt er mir todten bueß.

    the Landlord.
Indeed I often had many strange guests.
Now death comes and is the last,
with whom I have to settle accounts.
He'll give me Death's penalty for drunkenness.

Doten Dantz mit Figuren: Innkeeper
Figuren, Figuren: Innkeeper
Berlin: Landlady
Berlin #8

Here is one of the few instances of satire: Jesus' famous sign at the wedding in Cana is imitated by the innkeeper, when he dilutes the wine with plenty of water.

There was no innkeeper in Basel, but there was one in Der Doten Dantz mit figuren (pictured left). In Berlin there was a landlady.

In all three dances, the host / hostess is criticized for cheating with the goods and for overcharging. There are some crimes that not even Death will atone for.

Footnotes: (1)

mir . . .: Everybody else reads this word as "nur", but I think "mir" makes mores sense:
First line: "mir" or "nur" ?
Second line: "mir"
Mir / Nur?