All ranks

All ranks
Figuren, Figuren: All ranks

    Der doit
NU kmmet her frt von allem stait
Welych hye vor dier dantze nyt enhait.
Uwer ist vijll ich byn alleyn
Doch ůberwinden ich uch alle gemeyn
Uwer tzijt ist kommen yr met sterben
Langer tzijt mogent yr nyt erwerben
Synt yr gottes frunde das ist uch gt
Ist des nyt so fart yr in der hellen gluit.

Now come forward here from every rank,
who are not yet in this dance.
You are many, I am alone;
Still, I'll defeat you altogether.
Your time has come; you must die.
You can't gain any longer time.
Are you friends of God, that is good for you.
If not, then you will go to Hell's embers.


    von allem staidt
ACh leyder wie iůngk wie alt wir syn
Wyr mogen nit engan den henden dyn
Got uber vns nu erbarme
Wyr syn rych oder arm
Wir men alle in das dantz hů
Da geet alle vner freud v
Maria aller iůngkfrauwen eyn kron
Hijlff das vns werde der ewig lone.

    All ranks.
Alas, sadly, how young, how old we are,
we can not escape your hands.
May God now have mercy on us
[Whether] we are rich or poor,
we must all go into the dance house.
All our joy disappears there,
Mary, a crown for all virgins,
help us get the eternal reward.