The Senator

Figuren, Figuren: Senator

    Der doit.
DU kluger uß des fursten rade
Yß ist dir auch nu worden tzu spade.
Gelt hastu geschencket genommen
Vnd haist vnderdrückt den frommen
Küm in dyn grap nu schlaffen
Goit will dyn boißheyt straiffen
Wye du myt den armen hast begangen
Ganck fürt du bist nü myn gefangen.

You wise [man] from the prince's council,
now it's also become too late for you.
You have received gifts of money
and have oppressed the pious.
Come into your grave now; sleep.
God will punish your wickedness,
like you have done to the poor.
Step forward, you're now my prisoner.


    der rather
Dye klugheyt myn mych nu wenig bat
Ich sien leyder vor myr myn doden grap
Myn wyngart wiesen ecker vnd erspartes güt
Brenget mych in der hellen glüt
Zu hofe saß ich gern oben an
Was myr vmb sost wart ich gern nam
Eygen brot tzu han verdroß mych tzv aller tzijt
Dar vmb holt der düfel myn sele vnd lyp.

    The Senator.
My wisdom is of little use to me now.
Sadly I see my death-grave in front of me.
My vineyards, meadows, fields and saved goods
bring me into the embers of Hell.
At the court I was happy to sit at the top;(1)
whatever was free to me, I took gladly;
Eating my own bread always annoyed me.(2)
Therefore, the devil takes my soul and body.

Footnotes: (1) (2)

sit at the top . . .: maybe a reference to the Pharisees who sat at the high seats in the Jews' council: »They love to have the place of honor at banquets and the best seats in the synagogues« (Matthew 23:6).
eating own bread . . .: maybe a reference to Paul' words to the bad Christians: »Now such persons we command and exhort in the Lord Jesus Christ to work in quiet fashion and eat their own bread« (2 Thessalonians 3:12).