The Thief

Figuren, Figuren: Thief

    Der doit
O d dieplicher diep du haist myt dym stelen
Verdient daz man dich an dyn kelen
Lange sollt han gehangen
Des bist d nů bij her entgangen
Hettestu dich myt her bekeret
Vnd myt truwen dich erneret.
So mochstu sycher sterben
Vnd gnade bij gode erwerben

Oh you thievish thief. You have with your stealing
deserved that by your neck
you should long ago have been hanged.
You have avoided this so far.
If you had converted yourself by now
and made an honest living
then you could die confidently
and obtain grace from God.


    Der diep
Eya lieber herr ihesu crist.
Wand du vor mich gehangen bijst
Vnd geleden ein schentlychen dot
Hilf myr dyebe v aller noit
Das ich dye helle moge vermyden
Das fegefuer wil ich gern lyden
Ich bid vmb gnad dye entpfyng
Der schecher der an dyner rechten sijten hyng.

    The Thief.
Eia,(1) dear Lord Jesus Christ.
since you were hung for me
and suffered a shameful death.
Help me, thief, out of all distress
so I can avoid hell;
I want to suffer purgatory.
I pray for the grace that the thief received,
who hung on your right side.(2)

Starting with the thief, all the woodcuts are created by another artist.

Footnotes: (1) (2)

eia . . .: exclamation of of surprise and urgency.

The four gospels agree that Jesus was crucified between two robbers. According to the Gospel of Luke, one of the robbers repented, and Jesus promised him that he would enter into Paradise on that same day:

And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43).