The Robber

Figuren, Figuren: Robber

    Der doit
O Du reuber in den wilden walden.
Du kanst dich vor myr nyt behailden
Ich kommen tz dyr gar vngedelich
Wand du bijst sere gewest schedelich.
Vijll werden vber dich clagen
Dye von dyr beraubet syn vnd erschlagen
Wye du myt andern hast gethan
Also wirt y dyr nu ergain.

Oh, you robber in the wild forests.
You can no longer hold me off.
I come to you wholly unfavorably
because you have been very harmful.
Many will complain about you:
those who were robbed by you and killed.
As you did unto others,
so it will now happen to you.


    Der rauber
ACh moicht ich langer leben
Vnd hette auch widder tzu geben.
Was ich den lden ye genam
Sint daz ich in die stunde quam
Das wolt ich alles gern keren
Vnd mych myt gode erneren
Nů ist y myr leyder tzu spade
Almechtiger goit bewise myr gnade.

    The Robber.
Alas, if I might live longer,
and I had something to give back,
that I have taken from people.
Since I have come to this hour [of judgment],
I'd like to give it all back,
and be saved by God.
Now it's unfortunately too late for me.
Almighty God, show me grace.

A trumpet-solo for spade.
Figuren, Kassel: Robber

In the manuscript in Kassel the robber is depicted indoors, even if he is masked and armed with a crossbow, and even if Death says: you robber in the wild forests.

Death, exceptionally, does not have a musical instrument, but a spade, which he handles like a trumpet.