The Count

Figuren, Figuren: Count

    Der doit.
TRedet furt yr graue von edeler art
Ich fuir uch gar eyne wilde fart
Vijl homůdes hayn ich von uch geschryeben
Den yr uber paffen vnd leyen haint gedryeben
Nü komment ich bynß der doit
Vnd will vch brengen in groiße noit
Biddent goit vmb gnade das raden ich
Vff das er uch nyt verdüme ewenclich.

Step forward, you count of noble tribe;
I'll truly lead you on a wild journey.
I have made a note about your great arrogance,
which you have exhibited to clergy and lay people.
Come now, it's me, Death
and [I] will bring you in great distress.
Ask God for mercy - I advise this -
so that he doesn't condemn you forever.


    Der graue.
ACh ich wolt dz ich nu künde
Goit tzü hülffe han vnd syne frunde
All heyligen vnd güde lude
Vmb gnade tzü herwerben noch hüde
Solt ich dan lenger leben
Ich wollt mych beßern vnd almusen geben
Myn testament also woll besetzen
Daz paffen vnd leyen mochte ergetzen.

    The Count
Alas, I wish I could now
get help from God and his friends,
all the holy and good people,
to obtain grace on this day.
Should I then live longer,
I would improve myself and give alms.
I would also set up my last will,
so clergy and laymen could rejoice.

Zimmern, count
Zimmern, Zimmern, Count

In Zimmern's dance of death, Count Zimmern has chosen to draw himself, and the flag has been altered from three leopards to Count Zimmern's own coat of arms: A lion with a halberd.