The Priest

Figuren, Figuren: Priest

    Der doit
HEr perner yr müßet maisszen uwer meyen.
Vnd springen myt myr an dißen reien
Ich han vorn ane geschrieben
Das yr gots dyenst nyt hant getryeben
Vnd uwern schoffgyn boße exempel geben
Dar vmb verlyest yr das ewig leben
Vwer opper kyrch gůt vnd ere
Siehent yr nů vnd nummer mee.

Mr. Priest, you must tone down your joy,(1)
and jump with me to this row.
I have earlier written down,
that you have not done the service of God,
and set your lambs a bad example.
Therefore, you lose the eternal life,
your offertory, church, goods and honor.
You see [them] now and nevermore.


    Der pferner
HEtte ich myn schafflyn woill behut
Als eyn rechter hyrtt dut.
Sye vnd mych ane sunde bewart
Frolich für ich diße leste fart
Nu han ich gesucht zijtlichs gůt
Als der falsch hyrt důt
Dar vmb ich mych sere betrüben
Got wolle doch das beste pruben.(2)

The Priest.
Had I been guarding my lambs well,
as a real shepherd does,
[and] kept them and me without sins,
[then] I would go happily on this last journey.
Now I have sought worldly goods,
as the false shepherd does.
Therefore I am very grieved.
God will, however, bring about the best.(2)

Footnotes: (1) (2)

See the bottom of the page about the cardinal for a discussion about the word »meyen«.

Most of these meanings, i.e. dressing up, wooing, picking flowers, visiting friends, etc. don't apply here since they are external activities, which the priest can't just "tome down", once he is dead. Thus Death must speak about an internal feeling of happiness.

pruben . . .: modern German »prüfen«, releated to English probe, prove and proof. The word used to have several secondary meaning, like to arrange and make right, to cause, to prepare, to equip, to instigate, etc.

Count von Zimmern avoids this obsolete word and instead writes "üben": God would exercise his mercy on me.

»Deß halben ich mich billich thú betrüben
Got wöll seÿn barmhertzickait an mier üben