The Bishop

The bishop
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    Der doit
HErr bischoff ich byn hye der doit
Vnd will üch brengen in libes noit
Uwer bisthum můßent yr vbergeben.
Nyt lenger laiß ich uch leben
Kümmet nü myt myr in vwer grap
Legent nydder uwern schonen stap
Den man uch hait vorgetragen
Den doit kan er(1) nyt veriagen.

Mr. Bishop, I am here, Death,
and will bring you in mortal danger.
You must hand over your diocese;
I will let you live no longer.
Come now with me to your grave.
Lay down your beautiful staff,
which people have carried before you.
It(1) cannot chase Death away.


    Der bischof
VOr got müß ich dye warheyt sagen
Ich woillt das ich alle myne dage.
Eyn armer monich were gewesen
Got gedienet mit syngen vnd myt lesen
Von paffen wirt clage uber mych nů kommen
Das ich als viell sübsidia hab genomen
Vnd myt gewalt vnderdrůcket den armen
Ach wollt sich got vber myn sele erbarmen.

    The Bishop.
Before God I must speak the truth:
I wish that I in all of my days
had been a poor monk
[and] served God with singing and with reading.
From priests there will now be complaints about me,
that I have taken much financial aid
and suppressed the poor with force.
Alas, may God have mercy on my soul.

Footnotes: (1)

In the editions from 1492 and 1520 it's not the bishop's crosier, but the bishop himself, who's unable to drive Death away. »Den dot kunt jr nit veriagen«.