The man who died unprepared

The man who died unprepared
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Alle mentschen dencken an mych
Vnd hüden vor der werlt sych
Ich hatte viell gütes vnd was inn eren
Golt vnd sylber hatte ich tzu vertzeren
Nü byn ich inn der wůrme gewalt
Solich testament ist myr bestalt
Der doit hait mych her tzü bracht
Da ich yß aller mynst bedacht
Vorware wer das mercket eben
Der mag woill besszern syn leben
Wand hye geet lachen vnd schymph ůß
Wand wir neghen tzü disszem dantzhůße
Merckent nü vnd sehent an dissze figure
War tzü kommet des mentschen nature
Laßent von sunden das ist myn radt
So mogent yr bij got fynden gnade.

All people [must] consider me
and beware of [the temptations of] the world.
I had much goods and was honoured.
I had gold and silver to spend.
Now I am in the worms' power.
I have been appointed such a testament.
Death has brought me to here
when I reflected least of all over it.
Indeed, he who really takes note of this
he can improve his life
because laughs and jests disappear here
when we draw close to this dance-house.
Take note now and look at these figures,
what becomes of the human nature.
Let go of sins, that is my advice,
then you may find mercy with God.

La Danse Macabre: The dead king
Guy Marchant, Authority and dead king

The dead man recounts how he was rich when alive: »Ich hatte viell gütes vnd was inn eren«, but now he is in the worms' power: »Nü byn ich inn der wůrme gewalt«.

This is reminiscent of La Danse Macabre of Paris, where the dead king (picture to the right) finishes the dance by telling, how he used to be a crowned king: »Si ay ie este roy couronnez«, but that all conditions of men are given to the worms: »Tous estas: sont a vers donnes«.