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Name: Mr. Furplace
Country: The Kingdom of Denmark
Time: Monday, October 31st 2005, 06:17:13 PM

Well, Martin - I'm still alive!!!

Ha, ha - utroligt, at du har haft kastet dig over et emne som dødedans! Men et eller andet sted er jeg alligevel ikke overrasket - tænk selv over dén .... *lol*

Håber, du har det godt mr. X-skigruppeven!

Grrrrreetings - mr.Furplace

Name: Martin
Country: Australia
Time: Thursday, October 27th 2005, 03:44:35 AM

Wow - I came across the site by accident, but have been mesmerised by it - I would love to see these works in-person! it's interesting how perceptive the medieval painters were. Do you know if there are any reproduction prints or books that can be purchased showing the dance?

Name: Kyra
Country: Australia
Time: Saturday, October 22nd 2005, 12:52:42 PM

Your site is the BEST! Beautiful to look at, easy to navigate, great information, great images.
Great job.

Name: Sarah Jackson
Country: USA
Time: Thursday, October 13th 2005, 02:24:09 AM

Thanks for the information. I could not find any translations elsewhere. Hopefully with the help from your site I will at least get a B on my humanities paper on The Dance of Death...thanks Sarah

Name: Dale Cleary
Country: Australia
Time: Saturday, October 1st 2005, 06:18:35 PM

Wonderful and informative site. Well done!

Name: Carol Wartenberg
Country: USA
Time: Wednesday, September 21st 2005, 10:17:08 PM

Thank you for this very interesting site. My ancestors came from Mecklenburg, and I enjoy studying the history of the area.

Name: Mary M. Mazziotti
Country: USA
Time: Tuesday, August 16th 2005, 11:09:28 PM

Greetings! I enjoy your page very much and thank you for presenting such complete and fascinating information. I'm an artist and have been working on a contemporary DoD in 30 cut-paper silhouettes. Being a contemporary interpretation the piece cannot include such figures as Emperor, Noblewoman, Cleric, etc. Instead I've used modern figures (e.g. Death and the Rapper, Death and the Dictator, Death and the Clown, Death and the Terrorist, etc.) If you would like, I'd be delighted to send you some JPGs of this work. Thank you again for your inspiring site.
Mary M. Mazziotti
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Name: Eduardo Bernardi
Country: Germany
Time: Saturday, June 4th 2005, 06:06:35 PM

Lovely site - exactly what I needed.
I have the book in Plattdeutsch, but I cannot find it. Every since I saw this picture, a couple of years ago, I was obcessed by it and bought the book.
I am planning a TATOO!
Does anyone know if there's already one?

Name: christina
Country: uk
Time: Tuesday, May 24th 2005, 09:13:54 PM

great website! i'm trying to write a thesis on teh relationship between dance and literature in the dance of death. if anyone has any ideas about where i can start it would be really helpful!

Name: Linda Stein
Country: U.S.A.
Time: Thursday, January 20th 2005, 11:41:40 PM

Wonderful site! I am thinking about writing my undergraduate thesis on the Dance of Death, text and visuals, English and French. I saw the Dance of Death fresco in the small medieval church in Slovenia this summer. I highly recommend a visit! Best wishes on your project. Linda Stein

Name: Ulla
Country: Danmark
Time: Thursday, January 13th 2005, 06:06:18 PM

Kære Martin Hagstrøm
Det er en fantsatisk hjemmeside du har lavet. både smuk og fyldt med information. Og så er den nem at surfe rund på. Det er også en god ting med oversigten over hele sitet.

Name: Michael OHara
Country: England
Time: Tuesday, January 4th 2005, 12:52:30 AM

Thank you for a most informative site. I have just returned from a New years Break in Scotland where I visited Rosslin Chapple built in the thirteen hundreds a fantastic place if you have never been I sugest you look it up. But I digress the reason for my search which found your web site was of all the fine thirteenth century carvings one was the Dance of Death reputedly one of the earliest in europe if not the first ever in stone. I new little about the subject and a lot of things fell into place after visiting your site

Thank You and Happy New Year
Mick OHara

Name: anders
Country: denamrk
Time: Thursday, November 25th 2004, 10:57:33 AM


Name: theo jak
Country: sverige
Time: Thursday, November 11th 2004, 01:38:14 AM

beautiful site, just beautiful. thank you.

theo jak


Name: MikeM
Country: USA
Time: Tuesday, October 19th 2004, 04:52:42 AM

WOW! Absolutely amazing! As a fellow fan I have to say it's the most complete resource on the subject I have seen online to date. Excellent cross-referencing! But why not even the slightest mention at all of the W. Hollar and later immitations of Holbein's work? Overall Fabulous!

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