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Name: Merete
Country: Danmark
Time: Monday, April 26th 2004, 03:43:27 PM

Hejsa Martin!!!
Meget flot og overskuelig hjemmeside.
Jeg er ved at skrive historieopgave (jeg går på gymnasie), hvor jeg skriver om pesten i middelalderen. Jeg havde god brug for din hjemmeside... Well done...
Venlig hilsen Merete

Name: Stacey
Country: USA-Virginia
Time: Friday, April 9th 2004, 09:37:28 AM

Hi Martin,
I am really intrigued with your site. The history of this art and how it was portrayed in different countries is so similar! I stop by every couple of days so I can read and learn some more. I also think that the portrait of "Death" looks so similar of how "Death" would be portrayed now. You have done a tremendous amount of work and should be commended for it. I like the art of Medieval times. I enjoyed living in countries that I could visit the castles. It is so amazing how strong they were made to last so long.

Handmade rag rugs and wood crafts

Country: USA
Time: Wednesday, March 10th 2004, 02:51:32 AM


There is a page with contact information /Martin

Name: Mike Völsing
Country: U.K.
Time: Friday, January 30th 2004, 08:51:31 AM

Nice article about Luebeck. My great grandfather was a Buerger of Luebeck, he got his Buergerbreif in 1897 and I have it here in the UK. The Baltic cities are not well Known in the UK.



Name: Hanne Eisen
Country: Danmark
Time: Wednesday, December 3rd 2003, 05:32:20 PM

Kære Martin Hagstrøm - Jeg ville vide noget om "Døden fra Lübeck" - hvorfor dette udtryk ? Jeg fandt din hjemmeside om emnet - jeg er meget imponeret - og jeg har foreløbig brugt et par timer på at studere alt, hvad du har fundet ud af.
Hvor er det dejligt, at nogen vil dele deres viden ud på nettet, så andre kan få glæde deraf. I week-enden skal familien på julemarked i Lubeck, du kan tro, der også bliver tid til Maria-kirchen.
Tak for kigget - og glædelig jul. mvh. Hanne Eisen

Name: Jayne klingler
Country: USA
Time: Friday, September 19th 2003, 06:31:06 AM

I am trying to do a research paper over the dance of the dead in lubeck and over the artist. do you know any books that i could find that would give me resourses besides this website, considerablly that i need more resourses hopefully books or anything.

Name: Scott
Country: USA
Time: Thursday, August 21st 2003, 08:33:36 AM

Where could I buy some art like this? In the states I don't think there is anywhere that you can find replicas or prints of these great works of art.

Name: Allan Avery
Country: USA
Time: Monday, May 12th 2003, 05:35:59 PM

Great Website! Plagues are still feared--and rightly so.

Name: Kenneth Christiansen
Country: Denemaorken
Time: Sunday, May 4th 2003, 03:42:56 AM

Doe heb een echt mooie webstee!

Ik hoop dat der goud gebruuk van maokt wordt.


Name: Sue Deskis
Country: USA
Time: Thursday, April 24th 2003, 08:11:46 PM

I was just fooling around on my computer before going off to teach William Dunbar, in which class I show them pictures of the Lubeck Dance of Death. I was amazed and very pleased to find your website! Very nice!

Name: kjell kolbe
Country: danmark
Time: Tuesday, March 4th 2003, 04:26:34 PM

flot hjemmeside men jeg vil hellere læse om fisk.. vi snakkes ved.hej hej

Name: geoff derry
Country: canada
Time: Friday, February 14th 2003, 07:01:53 PM

This is a really great resource page. Thank you. As an artist working frequently with the Danse macabre I really appreciate good informative sites.
Thanks again eh.

Country: DK
Time: Wednesday, October 23rd 2002, 12:56:38 PM

Fed side

Name: Tim Francis
Country: GB
Time: Saturday, August 24th 2002, 10:24:20 PM

The 'Mohnkopfdruckerei' was not a publisher, and we do not know whether it was a company. It was a printhouse (see error on page re the Copenhagen Dance of Death).

Name: Tim Francis
Country: GB
Time: Saturday, August 24th 2002, 10:09:38 PM

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