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Name: kjell kolbe
Country: danmark
Time: Tuesday, March 4th 2003, 04:26:34 PM

flot hjemmeside men jeg vil hellere læse om fisk.. vi snakkes ved.hej hej

Name: geoff derry
Country: canada
Time: Friday, February 14th 2003, 07:01:53 PM

This is a really great resource page. Thank you. As an artist working frequently with the Danse macabre I really appreciate good informative sites.
Thanks again eh.

Country: DK
Time: Wednesday, October 23rd 2002, 12:56:38 PM

Fed side

Name: Tim Francis
Country: GB
Time: Saturday, August 24th 2002, 10:24:20 PM

The 'Mohnkopfdruckerei' was not a publisher, and we do not know whether it was a company. It was a printhouse (see error on page re the Copenhagen Dance of Death).

Name: Tim Francis
Country: GB
Time: Saturday, August 24th 2002, 10:09:38 PM

Det er ikke godt oversat:

Dyn losent unde bindent dat was vast
Der hoecheit werstu nu een gast

skal oversættes som følger:

Your loosing and binding which was fast
You will now be a guest on high.

Name: Tim Francis
Country: GB
Time: Saturday, August 24th 2002, 09:56:38 PM

Udtryken på engelsk er ikke 'to look like death warmed over' men 'to look like death warmed UP'. Det må corrigeres på åbningssiden.


Tim Francis

Name: Kris K
Country: Brazil
Time: Wednesday, July 24th 2002, 08:08:59 AM

Congratulations for your site!
This is a really fascinating theme!
Thank you for these valuable informations.

Name: Christoph Baumgartner
Country: Germany
Time: Saturday, December 29th 2001, 09:11:52 PM

Very fine treatise, excellent illustrations, do you know the homepage of tne eurapean dance of death group?; the adress is : .
Chr. Baumgartner

Name: Klaus E. Andersen
Country: Danmark
Time: Monday, December 17th 2001, 03:05:28 PM

Tak. -Meget fin og forklarende hjemmeside, var en glæde at besøge siden.
Mvh. Klaus A. (fotograf og amatør Lübeck historiker)

Name: Leif Plith Lauritsen
Country: Danmark
Time: Friday, November 23rd 2001, 04:40:03 PM

Virkelig en god side om "Døden fra Lübeck" samt en fin gennemgang af de danske "dødedanse".
Vh. Leif (Cand Mag Middelalderarkæolog)

Name: Ben Parsons
Country: UK
Time: Tuesday, November 20th 2001, 11:40:33 PM

This is a fine translation,and has been a great help to me (being strictly non-Teutophonic) in my PhD research on medieval satire. Many thanks and kind regards.

Name: Patrick Pollefeys
Country: Canada
Time: Friday, September 21st 2001, 02:32:34 PM

Good work, you have done here. Its great that other people are adding knowledge in the fascinating world of the Dance of Death.

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