The craftsman

The craftsman

Death to the craftsman

Her amptman ghut van banstes(1) wol ghebaren
gy synt wesen eyn warkman wol voruaren
dar kunde gy vore behende lyden
gy muthen bet an den dodendantz glyden
sprynghet vp ik wyl jw vore synghen
synt gy wesen ghut so mach jw ghelynghen

Mr Craftsman good (....?)(1) wellborn,
you have been a very experienced craftsman.
Therefore you could deftly lead [the dance].
You must glide better in the dance of death.
Spring up, I will sing for you.
Have you been good, then you will do well.

The craftsman

Och mechtyghe got wat is myne kunst
synt ik hebbe ghekreghen gades ungunst
den hilghen dach hebbe ik nicht ghevyret
sunder in deme kroghe rvseleret
och criste woldestu my dat vorgheven
so muthe ik myt dy nu ewich leuen

Oh mighty God - what is my craft [worth]
since I have obtained God's disfavour.
The Sabbath day have I not kept holy,
but rather celebrated at the inn.
Oh Christ - will you forgive me that,
then I might now live forever with you.

Footnotes: (1)

banstes . . .: This word doesn't make any sense. Seelmann suggests the word might have been duytzen - a local variant of dudeschen (i.e. German), since all members of the guild had to be German.