The usurer

The usurer

Death to the usurer

Her wukerer med jwen blawen sacke
vor gelt were gy van gudeme snacke
gy deden den armen ein schock vor twe
dar vmme muthe gy nhu liden groth we
legget van jwer siden den swedeler
gy muthen al mede jn dath olde her

Mr Usurer with your blue sack,
you have always spoken nicely about money.
You gave the poor a Schock for two;(1)
therefore must you now suffer great agony.
Lay [down] the purse from your side
You must now [go] along in the old army [of the dead].

The usurer

Ach war schal ik arme nhu bliuen mhan
sint ik wuker nicht meyr ma(ch dr)iuen
mine kindere scholen dath wed(der) gewen
so mogen die med gade ewich lewen
des helpe my ok jhesus dhu ewige goth
wente van erden to scheydin is neyn spoth

Alas, where shall I poor man now be
since I cannot practise usury no more?
My children shall give it back
then they may live forever with God.
Help me too, Jesus, you eternal god,
because to separate from Earth is no joke.

Footnotes: (1)

Schock . . .: German coin equalling 3 Guilders = 60 Groschen.

In other words, the usurer has given the poor people 60 Groschen, while expecting to get 120 back.