The mayor

The mayor

Death to the mayor

Her borgermeister van grotheme stade
gy sint die upperste in deme rade
dat gemeine beste stunt in jwer gewalt
dar thu dat recht der armen wol dusentfalt
hebbe gy den allen wol vor gewesenn
so moge gy desses dantzes genesen

Mr. Burgomaster of high station,
you are the uppermost in the council.
The common good is in your power
and furthermore the rights of the poor a thousandfold.
Have you taken well care of all this
then this dance will not hurt you.

The mayor

Och gude doeth ick kan die nicht entwiken
du halest den armen vnde den riken
wen sie hebben gelewet wol dusent jar
so muthen sie noch volgen diner schar
nimant is diner gewalt anich io ghewesen
O criste jhesu help my nhu dat ick genese

Oh good Death - I cannot avoid you.
You take the poor and the rich.
[even] if they had lived thousand years
they still had to follow your band.
No one has ever been out of your power.
Oh Christ Jesus - help me now [so] that I'll be saved.

The mayor was damaged because of water from a window above.