The Carthusian monk

Carthusian monk
The Carthusian monk

Death to the Carthusian monk

Her kartuser unde geystlike vader
de monken muthen sterven alle gader
der regellen unde gesette volgen na
siet wu suuerliken dat ik jw vorga
vorlatet jwes klosters bequemyckeit
vnde dantzet nu meth my in frolickeit

Mr Carthusian and ecclesiastical father.
The monks must die all together,
following the rules and laws.
See how neatly I go in front of you.
Leave your monastery's comfort
and dance now with me in frolic.

The Carthusian monk

Och gude doet steruen ys ed ghemene recht
ock mut steruen bede here un(de) knecht
geystlik werlik ok monke (algelyk) frowen jwe(lyk)
wat helpet my denne dat (ik wedderrede)
ik rupe tho jhesu dat he (mi berede)

Oh good Death - to die is common rule
both the master and the servant must die,
clergy, laity and monks in the same way, women everybody.
What does it help me then that I contradict?
I call on Jesus that he may prepare me.