Les Accidens de l'Homme, Authority



Homme mondain regarde et voy ·
en ton cueur ceste pourtraicture ·
mourir conuient vela la loy
que dieu a baille a nature ·

Worldly man, look and behold
in your heart this portrait!
Die you must – that’s the law
God has entrusted to nature.

Hardouyn: Prophet
Hardouyn, Authority
Godard: Prophet
"Homme mondain regarde […]"
Godard, Prophet

The authority / author finishes the dance, like he does in La Danse Macabre and many other dances of death.

The authority does not appear in "Loups Ravissans" and "Vie de l'Homme", but Hardouyn and Guillaume Godard both have two male and two female prophets / sibyls, who are used extensively in the margins, for instance to comment on the Destruction of Jerusalem. One of these prophets is shown to the left.

Godard has copied Hardouyn's four prophets for his books of hours. In the example to the right he has given one of the prophets the same text as the authority in "Les Accidens": »Homme mondain regarde […]«.