Les Accidens de l'Homme, Judgment day

Judgment day
Judgment day

Judgment day

apres ceste dance mortelle ·
que lomme de vie est desherite
dieu donra sentence eternelle
a chascun selon son merite ·

After this mortal dance,
when man is disinherited from life,
God will pass eternal judgment
on everyone in accordance with his merit.

Les loups rauissans
La Vie de l'Homme
Hardouyn, Judgment Day

All three series end with Resurrection and Judgment Day, and so does Mors de la Pomme and La dance aux aveugles.

Jesus sits on a rainbow with an orb at his hol[e]y feet. From one side of his head the lily of grace goes out, and from the other side the sword of punishment.

In the pictures to the right and left, Mary Magdalene and John the evangelist are sitting by his side. However, they are not present in the picture at the top of this page — perhaps because of the narrow, cramped format?

Holbein: Judgment Day
Holbein Proofs, Judgment Day
Livre des quatre fins derniers de l'Homme. Troyes, 1614.
Holbein Proofs, Judgment Day

All of these works have ultimately served to inspire Holbein's great dance of death.

Holbein also omits Maria and John, but this is probably rather because Holbein as a good Protestant puts his trust in Jesus, and does not need intercession from various saints.