Les Accidens de l'Homme, Child



A a a mourir il me fault ·
et nay fait que yssue et entree
car sur moy mort donne lassault :
de son dart qui point ne magree ·

A, a, a, I must die
and have only been brought forth and entered.
It’s because Death assaults me
with his javelin, which does not please me at all.

The scene with the child is not found in neither Loups Ravissans nor "La Vie de l'Homme".

Some of the text was obviously borrowed from La Danse Macabre:

Simon Vostre
Simon Vostre, Child

A. a. a. ie ne scay parler
Enfant suis: iay la langue mue.
Hier naquis: huy men fault aller
Ie ne faiz que entree et yssue.
(La danse macabre))