Les Accidens de l'Homme, Murderers



Larrons : pillars : meurtriers : meschans :
guettent les chemins et les bois
tuent pelerins bourgoys marchans ·
par accident souuentefoys ·

Thieves, looters, murderers, and villains
hang out in the streets and the forests.
They very often kill pilgrims, citizens and merchants
by Accident.

Les loups rauissans.
Vie de l'Homme
Hardouyn, Cutthroat

Another means used by Accident is to have people killed by robbers. "killed by Accident".

Accident watches while the robber kills his victim. On Vostre's image (top of this page), Accident participates actively in the killing with his dart.

Hardouyn's image (and also Godard's copy) shows an extra victim lying on the ground.