Les Accidens de l'Homme, Accident



Par accident sont succombez :
plusieurs en estancz et riuieres
les aultres de hault lieu tumbez :
sont mors en diuerses manieres

By Accident many people have perished
in lakes and rivers;
the others, fallen from high places,
have died in various manners.

Les loups rauissans.
Vie de l'Homme
Hardouyn, Tower

Note: The woodcut was used twice in "Loups Ravissans": Marcus Manlius and Cicero.

Then we finally meet Accident, who in spite of being the title character only plays a minor role in this series.

The short stanza can only list a subset of the many ways in which Accident delivers people to Death: Drowning, falls and "various manners".

In this case, Hardouyn's image (to the right) is more detailed than the original, because Hardouyn's image (and also Godard's copy) clearly shows a man lying in the water: »perished in lakes and rivers«.