Les Accidens de l'Homme, Bull



Bonte : vertu : sens et vaillance :
adnichille du tout : en tout ·
riches abis pompe puissance ·
ie consomme et en viens a bout ·

Goodness, virtue, intelligence and strength
I annihilate completely.
Wealth, pomp and power
I exhaust and overcome.

Les loups rauissans.
Vie de l'Homme
Hardouyn, Bull

Death is often depicted riding on an ox, approaching slowly, but unstoppably. Examples here, here, here, here, here and here.

This idea probably originates with La dance aux aveugles, that is, the same work on which the texts of "Loups", "Vie" and Accidens" ultimately are based.

The texts in "Loups" and "Accident" do not allude to the bull, but it does so in "Vie" (right): "Upon this bull, which goes step by step / I am seated and do not hasten it" (»Dessus ce beuf qui s'en va pas-à-pas / Assise suis et ne le haste pas«).